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GreenWorld Restoration Bridges the Workforce Housing Gap

  Sustainable Workforce Housing to Build Stronger Municipal Relationships

AUSTIN, Texas, June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Greenworld Restoration, LLC is announcing the release of a premium workforce housing solution that lowers front-end costs, shortens construction times, lowers operating costs, and increases the residual value of the purchased or leased asset.  Upon completion of an Energy project, the materials from each workforce housing unit can be converted and used to construct permanent single family housing meeting IRC and IBC building codes.


“Our patented approach to converting the materials form temporary structures into permanent structures makes a significant contribution to the local community by providing the community with permanent infrastructure, an increased tax base and affordable housing solutions for the elderly, veterans or groups within the community who are in need,” says Michael Torres, Founder and CEO, GreenWorld Restoration.  ”Our approach also provides a strong Corporate Social Responsibility platform for the Energy Company doing work in the local community as they are now able to create value out of temporary housing that would traditionally be destined for the landfill.”

GreenWorld’s sustainable construction materials have not only been designed with convertibility in mind but also with the need to reduce the risk of damage as a result of an increase in natural disasters.   Whether a customer chooses to build a structure using the Company’s Metal-Stick Frame Interlocking Wall Structure or its Lightweight Insulated Concrete Panels, GreenWorld’s products offer a 2-3X improvement in structural security over traditional construction materials and methods.  “Our homes, schools, churches, and places of business can be made more resilient better able to withstand earthquakes, fires, tornados or hurricanes; and by using fewer trees and substituting materials that have a longer life, we are doing better for our planet,” says Michael Torres.

GreenWorld Restoration, LLC is a leading provider of sustainable construction materials and community solutions.  The Company’s solutions facilitate a win/win/win across environmental, economic and cultural needs.  GreenWorld is a socially conscious company allocating 10-30% of profits to “Pay-it-Back” and “Pay-it-Forward” programs to benefit the communities it serves through its partnership with GreenWorld Restoration Foundation.                                    

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