The Work We Do

Welcome to GreenWorld Restoration Foundation

At the GreenWorld Restoration Foundation we provide corporations a way to Pay-it-Back to the communities they serve, the foundation provides organizations and individuals a way to Pay-it-Forward to families affected by natural disasters, and for all of us, a way to Create-it-Forward so that we can re-establish balance with our planet. We accomplish this through education, and the delivery of sustainable homes and community solutions.

    •  Through educational means such as documentaries, speaking engagements, public relations and events, we help individuals, organizations and corporations become aware of how they can positively impact their environment.

  • Through the delivery of sustainable homes and community solutions, we provide a way for our donors to Pay-it Back to the communities they serve and Pay-it Forward to communities that have been impacted by natural disasters.
  • Finally, we provide a way for artists and scientists to Create-it Forward through contribution of intellectual property, time or talent with the intent of improving our planet and the lives of the people on our planet.



Quote from Michael Torres… “Just a few people moving in the same direction can create a momentum that will forever change the world.”

The GreenWorld Restoration Foundation™ is a non-partisan, non-profit, fully public charity organization operating in Austin, Texas.