Pay It Forward

Upon hearing the words “pay it forward,” what most likely comes to mind is that movie with Haley Joel Osment, where he plays Trevor McKinney, a 12 year-old, who believes in the goodness of humanity.

An amazing and worthwhile concept, but how do we make Paying it Forward a sustainable process integrated into the fabric of our everyday lives?

One answer is we Pay It Forward in our business lives. One thing is certain, we all have to work. We work more than we do anything else in life except sleep, and for some of us, even sleep does not compare to how much we work.

So the question arises…how does a business go about Paying it Forward?

A business can allocate a percentage of its profits or a fixed rate per year toward an environmental or humanitarian cause in the communities it serves. Kind of like a “profit-sharing” program if you will. For a publicly traded company this may take some analysis, but even a small amount counts. Even a one or two percent Pay-it Forward contribution can make a significant difference in the well being of our environment.

I personally believe that it not only makes a difference in our planet but also in the success of our businesses; our businesses become more aligned with the greater good and thus receive that extra amount of energy it takes to make a $10M profit vs. a $1M profit.

GreenWorld Restoration™ contributes up to 30% of its profits to the GreenWorld Restoration Foundation™ as part of the Pay-it Back and Pay-it Forward campaigns. The Foundation utilizes 80% of these funds to Pay-it Back to communities that GreenWorld Restoration serves in the form of education, sustainable homes and community solutions. The remaining 20% of these funds are utilized to Pay-it Forward to families and communities affected by natural disasters. GreenWorld Restoration’s expected revenue growth for 2012-2013 is significant and according to Michael Torres, CEO of GreenWorld Restoration, much of this has to do with the Company’s commitment to Pay-it Back to the communities it serves and Pay-it Forward to communities in need.

The GreenWorld Restoration Foundation invites companies, organizations and individuals across the globe to join us in this effort. You can contribute a fixed amount per year or a percent of profits ranging anywhere from 1 to 30% per year.

Click on this link to provide us some basic information about your company and we will contact you to discuss how we can work together to make a difference in the world. Or if you like, please feel free to call 512-608-9077 or email me directly and share your personal stories and suggestions.

Pay-it back! Pay-it forward! Create it forward! Join us today!


Michael S. Torres

A World Where Creators Pay It Forward™