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Michael Torres talks with Chris Sanchez on Inside Austin, about the Worldwide Maniac Foundation™ event.

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Austin-based Worldwide Maniac Foundation™ launched with a celebrity event on June 19, 2010 at the Austin Music Hall. The event featured performances by Josh Charles and Blue Lapis Light, a fashion show with designers Richie Rich, Maggie Norris, and Carson Case, and celebrity athletes Bennie Blades and Chris Parrish. Fashionably Austin provided a live web cast during the event.

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Since its inception in 2008, Worldwide Maniac has revolutionized the entertainment, fashion and sports industries through their philanthropic, sustainability and humanitarian efforts. Basically, they know how to save the planet, and they look good doing it.

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Green moments with Ed Begley, Jr. During filming of segments for the upcoming documentary film Reclaiming The Garden, Ed Begley, Jr. gives us a few choice words about the Gulf oil disaster – making a call to green action.

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